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Welcome to Gabson-Howell.org. My name is Peter Gabson-Howell and dogs have always fascinated me. They have been a part of my life every day since the day I was born. We used to have 2-3 dogs at the same time and they brought so much joy to our family. I still remember the joy from when I was a kid and my father brought our first puppy into the family. My sister was as thrilled as I was getting this new family member.


While my current life situation does unfortunately prevent me from owning a dog, I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit my sister and her Labradors anytime I want. I do however plan on getting a dog again in the future.


It’s no surprise how these intelligent and loyal creatures can bring joy into any family. There are however some challenges that can come with owning and taking care of a dog. I will try my best to cover some of them to help you take better care of your dog. To help you get a calm and obeying dog that will behave and not make a mess out of everything.